RAD & Shadow IT

The popularity of shadow IT is growing, as more and more businesses begin to see the potential offered by enabling all of their employees to contribute to the creation of new software solutions rather than limiting that creation to their IT department. In the wake of shadow IT, a low-code process known as rapid application development has started to grow in popularity as well. While rapid application development offers a number of advantages,  there’s one thing that takes shadow IT a step further than low-code application builders – no-code application builders.

Rapid Application Development vs. No-Code Application Builders

Rapid application development speeds up the application development process by limiting the amount of complex coding required to build a custom application. However, no-code application builders eliminate the need for complex coding entirely, enabling anyone to create customized applications and put them to work in little time at all.

In this way, while both rapid application development and no-code application builders enable shadow IT, no-code application builders do it better by allowing you unleash the potential of all your employees rather than just those with a background in coding.

Qrvey: The Premiere No-Code Application Builder

To enable your employees to create software solutions for your company no matter their department or their background, you’re going to have to equip them with the right tools. These tools need to be powerful enough to create fully-functional, customized applications while at the same time being easy to use.

Our no-code application builder, Qrvey, perfectly fulfills both of these requirements. With Qrvey, you can create fully customized forms, surveys, quizzes, and more that can be put to use for gathering information from customers, generating leads, and compiling/analyzing both internal and external data. Best of all, every single feature of Qrvey can be put to use without any coding required. This enables anyone from a marketing professional with no background in software development to an IT expert to use Qrvey with the same outstanding results.

By offering all of the advantages of low-code application builders and rapid software development plus many more, no-code application builders such as Qrvey are paving the way for the future of shadow IT. If you would like to learn more about empowering your employees with Qrvey, we invite you to contact us today.


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