Dreams Can Come True: All Data Accepted

The key to the success for any software platform has always been “flexibility.” Every feature you add and every service you embed needs to be as flexible as possible to not only meet future growth, but also ever-changing customer requirements. Self-service functionality represents the ultimate in flexibility. It allows users to answer their own questions, automate their own processes and even build their own forms and applications. Imagine a system you build once, but can be instantly adapted to fit hundreds of different use cases, all without your intervention. That’s always been the dream of software providers.

However, when it comes to data storage, the gold standard has long been structured, SQL-based systems... the antithesis of flexibility. Structured data solutions are best suited for situations that are known and remain unchanged, where you know exactly what types of data you will collect and its structure won’t be changing in any meaningful way over time. Hard-coded forms, for example, are perfect for structured data.

The same is not true for platforms that are building or embedding self-service capabilities. If your software lets users define their own forms, create data visualizations and metrics, and assemble their own workflows, you can never know what the data and conditions will be ahead of time or even how many fields or branches will ultimately exist. By definition, true self-service tools demand the maximum in flexibility and the semi- and unstructured data they generate needs modern tools to store, analyze and automate it.

This is where Qrvey’s modern architecture can be extremely beneficial. Software platforms that rely solely on structured data eventually find they hit a ceiling on the types of features they can offer. The cost of not knowing exactly how your users will use tools like analytics, automation and form building ahead of time proves to be a costly mistake that slows development and adds to your costs.

Qrvey, by contrast, has created and harnessed several technologies to offer the most adaptable data platform available. You can easily mix structured with semi- and unstructured data, even files, audio and video, all into a single high-performance repository that can serve the changing needs of your product and your users with ease. Qrvey’s flexibility, as an all-in-one embeddable data platform, stems from its ability to accept truly any type of data. This is what software vendors have always dreamed of, and now it’s finally a reality.