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Forget Big Data, Any Data Will Do

With so much talk about “big data” lately, you might think that unless you have terabytes or petabytes of data, all of the cool analysis tools, including artificial intelligence, are simply out of reach. Fortunately, you’d be wrong.

The truth is, your employees can perform all sorts of analysis, and even use some basic artificial intelligence, on the spreadsheets, customer lists and other data they already have laying around. The key to turning your data into insights that can make your business faster and smarter is to choose the right self service tools for the job. Qrvey can be that tool.

The first step to insightful analysis is to get all of your data organized and flowing into a single solution. Qrvey not only allows project managers, teams and departments to upload all of those individual spreadsheets and CSV files, but also to connect to existing corporate databases, from simple SQL all the way to up enterprise-wide data stores. All of your enterprise data can be seamlessly combined into a single repository that we call a Data PowerHouse, one that can be used company wide for analytics and automation of all kinds.

Your data powerhouse can also collect data from other applications, log files, data streams, sensors and even text documents, images and voice files. Qrvey then takes data collection one step further, by offering a self-service web form builder that lets teams create forms, surveys, checklists and quizzes so that you can gather even more data over time.

Once all of your data begins migrating to Qrvey, the real magic begins. As I mentioned in a previous blog, The Power of Data Profiling, Qrvey automatically looks at every dataset, including every row and every column, and profiles the data to determine the best charts to use and a host of other metrics like minimums, maximums and averages for numeric data.

All text-based data is processed by Qrvey’s AI partners to determine sentiment and to identify common words, phrases and concepts like places and entities. This is where the big data myth falls a little short. Your individual data might not include millions of records, but it doesn’t have to. These AI platforms have already been trained on millions of rows, so they can begin delivering insights with just a few hundred records. And, since all of the new data is already hooked up and flowing into Qrvey, these insights will only get better over time as more and more data is collected. Having millions of rows will always give you the best and most accurate results, but that doesn’t mean the results you get today will be meaningless.

You may be surprised at the things your employees can discover from the data they already have. The first step is to provide them with the tools to connect it Qrvey so the exploration can begin.