• Product Highlights

    May Product Highlights

    We have some powerful new enhancements across the Qrvey platform to support even more sophisticated data collection (businesses: you’re going to like these!). We also have expanded our automation options, giving makers more control on who specifically is affected by workflows. Show Me The Money To delight users that want to process one-time payments, we’ve added […]

  • HR automation Software

    Is Job Automation Really a Job Killer?

    Why Job Automation and HR Automation are no reason to worry about job security If you’ve kept up with the news, you’ve probably seen plenty of alarming predictions that improvements in job automation and HR automation software mean that machines will steal almost everybody’s jobs. An MIT economist named David Autor has been studying the […]

  • Understanding Qrvey: As Easy as 1,2,3 Infographic

    Understanding Qrvey: Easy As 1,2,3

    In this infographic, get a quick 1-2-3 snapshot of Qrvey’s core components: our logo, our technologies, our differentiators and our primary use cases.

  • How Qrvey Came to Be

    Arman Eshraghi founded Qrvey based on five main takeaways from his experience in the world of technology and analytics. This presentation showcases the 5 differentiators of Qrvey that makes it prepared to tackle modern-day business users’ digital transformation needs.

  • Product Highlights

    March Product Highlights

    Qrvey continued to “march” towards our goal of becoming the premier platform for build applications and automations this month. While many of our enhancements are still in hiding for a May debut, here’s what I can share for this month. The introduction of our PLAYground last month has been a big success in helping non-technical […]

  • Feedback Growth

    What is Analytics Automation?

    Analytics automation is the face of analytics workflows in the 21st century. Running analytics is only as useful as the actions based upon its findings. Taking actions based on analytics often involve a patchwork of solutions, if not a whole team of people. A lot of efficiency can be easily lost in this process. Analytics […]

  • Product Highlights

    December Product Highlights

    You may not have noticed, but Qrvey ended 2016 on a high note, sneaking in one last important product update before the new year.  As you settle into 2017, here are some of the highlights you find: New App: Quick Quiz – Quizzes are a great, fun way to test knowledge and collect feedback at […]

  • Multiapp

    Which Data Collection Tool Should I Use?

    A guide to Qrvey's multi-app platform

    Qrvey is a no code application builder, and at its most basic, our application builder includes a full suite of data collection tools to meet your every need.  Inside Qrvey, you’ll find everything from surveys and quizzes, to embedded options like on-page polls and even special use apps like audience polls that you can use in front […]

  • Relationship Marketing

    Feedback Automation in Customer Experience

    The next step after marketing automation

    In the aspect of customer experience, feedback automation picks up where marketing automation drops off. When it comes to giving feedback, customers never get satisfactory automated responses. Feedback automation allows customized and engaging responses to feedback. Qrvey’s feedback automation can collect more detailed information about the customer, her experience and actions in a real-time, quick […]

  • Product Highlights

    November Product Highlights

    After a busy October, our development team continued their hot streak again this month with another great round of new features and enhancements.  Here are some of the highlights: New App: Checklists – Build and share checklists to see at a glance what’s been completed and what’s still left to do. In-Context Feedback Enhancements – […]