• December Product Highlights

    Product Highlights

    You may not have noticed, but Qrvey ended 2016 on a high note, sneaking in one last important product update before the new year.  As you settle into 2017, here are some of the highlights you find:

    • New App: Quick Quiz – Quizzes are a great, fun way to test knowledge and collect feedback at the same time. See who tops the leaderboard and who needs to study up.
    • New App: Progressive Questions – Learn more about users or customers by asking questions slowly over time.  Just add intervals to ask questions daily, weekly or whenever it makes the most sense.
    • Enhanced Embedding – Now you can embed any qrvey into your website or blog.
    • Expanded Time Series / Bucketing – Both of these powerful features are now available when analyzing any qrvey.
    • AutomatiQ: Webhooks – Have other services trigger workflows inside of Qrvey and vice versa.

    A lot of our these releases will become premium features next year. Test drive them for free in our web application while you can.

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  • Which App Should I Use?

    A guide to Qrvey's multi-app platform


    Qrvey is a multi-app platform. This means we offer a full suite of data collection apps to meet your every need.  Inside Qrvey, you’ll find everything from surveys and quizzes, to embedded options like on-page polls and even special use apps like audience polls that you can use in front of a live audience.  But sometimes that can create a little confusion as to which app is the best one for your project.  Fortunately, we’ve made a video that outlines each of the apps in the Qrvey platform and explains what they’re best used for.

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  • Feedback Automation in Customer Experience

    The next step after marketing automation

    Relationship Marketing
    In the aspect of customer experience, feedback automation picks up where marketing automation drops off. When it comes to giving feedback, customers never get satisfactory automated responses. Feedback automation allows customized and engaging responses to feedback.
    Qrvey’s feedback automation can collect more detailed information about the customer, her experience and actions in a real-time, quick and easy way (compared to any other tool). As a second step, these activities are analyzed and, in the third step, automated flows for each specific iteration can be put into place. Customer’s needs in every variation can be met with tailored, proper, and thus more satisfactory responses.
    Good customer experience means feedback is taken into consideration at every touch point. Feedback has gotten a bad reputation. Most people think it’s only about surveys. But feedback is more than that. It’s a two way conversation, an exchange of information. In the case of Qrvey, it’s an intelligent exchange of information. Automated feedback can be intelligent to understand what the users does or types to encourage them with an up-sell at the exact right moment they are primed for it. It can allow customers who are happy to refer a business efficiently. automated feedback can make the process quick and … well: automatic.
    While marketing automation allows us to market to users, feedback automation allows us to engage with users in an exchange of information that is two-way and most importantly, continuous. This engagement is vital to positive customer experiences. To see more tangible use cases for feedback automation, get our free lookbook of 10 cases delivered to your inbox.
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  • November Product Highlights

    Product Highlights

    After a busy October, our development team continued their hot streak again this month with another great round of new features and enhancements.  Here are some of the highlights:

    • New App: Checklists – Build and share checklists to see at a glance what’s been completed and what’s still left to do.
    • In-Context Feedback Enhancements – Adding quick one-question polls to your website is even more flexible and useful.
    • Customized Thank You Pages – Now you can add a custom thank you message when respondents are done answering your qrveys
    • Dashboard Improvements – End your qrveys right from your main dashboard.
    • AutomatiQ- This was important enough for a press release too!
      • New Response Triggers – Start a workflow as soon as a new response is received.
      • Conditions – Set conditions to triggers so they will only fire when a certain answer is received or if the total responses reaches a certain limit. 

    A lot of our these releases will become premium features next year. Test drive them for free in our web application while you can.

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  • Automated Referral Marketing

    Pros, Cons and Automation of Referral Marketing

    Referral Marketing

    Year after year, statistics, and more importantly the results they reflect, prove conclusively that referral marketing is simply the best form of advertising. No other marketing tactic is as effective as a potential customer hearing about a product or service from someone they know and trust.

    According to consumer surveys conducted by Nielsen, 92% of people trust referrals from friends, family, and acquaintances, and 77% say they are more likely to purchase a product or service when they hear about it through word-of-mouth. One referral is worth five paid ads.

    A Clunky Process

    The problem is the way most businesses go about getting referrals from their customers. Generally a business will send out emails asking their current customers to complete an online survey. When they get response, if they get one, and if it’s a satisfied response, the business will email the customer back and ask for a referral. Obviously this takes time and a significant amount of manual processing. It’s slow, inefficient, and not necessarily effective.

    Automated Referral Marketing Flows

    The answer is to automate the process. Automated Referral Marketing flows are faster, accurate, and they eliminate the need for manual processing. It’s a more positive experience for the customer too. And it happens right on a business’ website.

    A website using a ARM flows will automatically ask a customer to take a quick in-context survey. Or it could be a poll or a quiz. If the response is positive, it asks for a referral. If the response is negative, it asks for feedback. Afterward it will automatically contact the new referral or notify customer service to follow-up on the negative response.

    Automated Referral Flows are the quickest, most convenient, and most effective way to conduct referral marketing. As every business knows, happy customers are the best marketers.

    Qrvey’s Automated Referral Flows are showcased in this infographic. For more infographics on automation of feedback, get the whole collection for free in your inbox here.

    Referral Program

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  • AutomatiQ Lookbook

    10 Cases for Feedback Automation

    Automation Lookbook

    It seems hard to believe that in the 21st century there are some processes that are still painfully manual. The world of feedback collection and analysis has been stuck in the rut of physically collecting, transmitting and distributing for too long now. Revolutionizing feedback collection with a full cycle loop, Qrvey brings automation to feedback like it has never been done before.

    Welcome the 21st century to feedback with the full feedback cycle that includes automated action flows. 

    Get our lookbook with 10 cases for feedback automation instantly & for free.

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  • Launch of Feedback Automation: AutomatiQ

    Automation Release

    Qrvey Adds Feedback Automation to its Platform, Enabling Businesses to Automate Next Steps Based on Feedback Collected

    Media contact:
    Michelle Faulkner

    Big Swing Communications
    +1 617-510-6998

    McLean, Va. – Qrvey, which helps businesses improve the customer experience and make more informed decisions through in-app feedback collection, today launched a new add-on to its platform that enables businesses to automate next steps based on feedback they’ve collected from customers. Called AutomatiQ, it makes Qrvey the first feedback platform that enables a full-cycle process: Collect, Analyze and Automate.

    “While marketing automation is mainstream today, that wasn’t the case 10 years ago – and that’s where feedback automation is today,” said Qrvey founder and CEO Arman Eshraghi. “Qrvey is doing for feedback what Eloqua and Marketo did for marketing 10-15 years ago.”

    Methods for feedback collection are changing rapidly, because response rates to email surveys are plummeting. Businesses are instead looking to collect feedback in the moment, during or immediately after a transaction – and the best way to do that is in the mobile or web app customers are using for the transaction. Qrvey is meeting that need with its embeddable in-app feedback platform.

    Qrvey offers the Collect and Analyze features of its platform for free. Businesses that want to automate next steps based on received responses can subscribe to Qrvey’s new AutomatiQ. An example of how it might be used: A company could send a Qrvey to all customers just after their transaction is complete, asking for feedback. Via AutomatiQ, the company could send all satisfied clients a request to post a review on their website, while all unsatisfied clients would be automatically routed to customer service for follow up. AutomatiQ would remove all the formerly manual tasks in the middle.

    One of the companies using Qrvey’s platform is accounting firm MillerMusmar CPAs. “In the past, we relied on project managers to email survey links to clients,” said Joey Musmar, Managing Partner at MillerMusmar CPAs. “It was a manual process and it was hit or miss in terms of consistency and whether the responses got into the right hands. With Qrvey, we’ve automated the process of sending surveys to clients the minute a project closes, while it’s fresh in their minds, and we have also automated what happens next – a positive response is sent directly to the project manager, while a negative one goes to both the project manager and customer service. Qrvey removed all the manual steps of the process, and as a result we’re able to collect a higher volume of feedback, more consistently.”

    Qrvey’s AutomatiQ capabilities include:

    • Creating automated flows based on identified triggers
    • Sending a Qrvey (survey, checklist, form or NPS) based on a schedule
    • Sending a Qrvey’s results based on a schedule
    • Sending a Qrvey or its results based on an analytics trigger — for example, if the NPS score drops to detractor, alert a sales or customer service rep.

    Automated flows can be applied to various feedback mechanisms to serve better analytics and more efficient action plans. For more examples of how businesses can use Qrvey’s AutomatiQ to automate flows, see Qrvey’s new eBook: 10 Cases for Feedback Automation.

    Qrvey launched its base platform in September 2016. AutomatiQ is one of several new features the company plans to roll out in the coming months.

    Screenshot of AutomatiQ attached:



    Read more about AutomatiQ in our platform here.

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  • Refer Automatically

    Increase your referrals with automation

    Who doesn’t love referral programs? They an excellent way to promote business and gain valuable customers. However, the biggest problem with referral programs is that the most important step—the actual action of one customer referring your business to an associate—is often out of your control. If the customer remembers, she will refer. It could be the day after they made a purchase. It could be a few months. An automated referral system can cause a spike in your referrals by automatically prompting customers right where they’re interacting with you to make a referral. Even better, once they make the referral, you can set up an automated flow to market to him. No need for someone monitoring referrals manually. Automated referral programs improve business quickly and efficiently.

    Referral Program


    Welcome the 21st century to feedback with the full feedback cycle that includes automated action flows. 

    Get our lookbook with 10 cases for feedback automation instantly & for free.

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  • Agenda Maker

    Agenda Maker

    Who would have thought you would run into this for an automated feedback case study? Meetings are the bane of today’s employees. The productivity of a meeting and the relevance of the topics to the participants are often contested, or cause for dissatisfaction. With an automated feedback platform, the meeting manager can set up a flow that automatically collects participants’ top priorities prior to every meeting. Qrvey will also analyze the results and order priorities according to everybody’s feedback. Finally, automatically, a meeting agenda inclusive of everyone’s preferences is sent out.

    Agenda Maker
    Welcome the 21st century to feedback with the full feedback cycle that includes automated action flows. 

    Get our lookbook with 10 cases for feedback automation instantly & for free.

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  • Automated Product Feedback

    Product Feedback

    By taking customer opinion into account in the early stages of development, you’ll be better able to efficiently build a new product. As an example, finding out which features users want and focusing on those ensures you won’t waste time updating ones nobody uses. Many users want to give developers their insights but aren’t sure how to. Some may even take the initiative to look for contact information, but that’s often fruitless and frustrating. Integrated feedback lets these users contact you instantly. Integrated automated product feedback means there is a direct flow from users to the relevant developer working on the case. If it’s the UI or the QA team, they will each get appropriate feedback for intelligent product improvements.

    Product FeedbackWelcome the 21st century to feedback with the full feedback cycle that includes automated action flows. 

    Get our lookbook with 10 cases for feedback automation instantly & for free.

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