The Benefits of Time Series Analysis

Whether they realize it or not, every OEM business in the business of collecting important data from their customers, suppliers, employees and from their product itself. Obtaining feedback allows a business to make smarter, data-driven decisions, after all. But what many businesses don’t realize is that while sporadically collecting and analyzing feedback is good, collecting it regularly and continually over longer periods of time is exponentially better.

That’s because when your feedback spans multiple weeks, months or even years you gain the ability to perform time series analysis to both spot trends and see how data is changing over time. Important baselines, metrics and trends can be established so that you can be automatically alerted when outliers occur or things fall outside of normal parameters.

The Qrvey platform includes time series analysis as one of many tools that help OEM businesses make such discoveries about their business and their software. Just by toggling a simple slider in our analytics, data is automatically sliced into days, weeks or months, so you can quickly see how your data has been evolving and where it's likely to head next. Qrvey's analytics will even automatically play through your results step by step in a slideshow format.

Just about all types of data can be greatly enhanced by taking a step back and looking at the long-term picture and trends. Even simple server logs and other machine generated data probably has secrets hidden within. The next time you're thinking about collecting information, ask yourself if you could benefit from regular polling and time series analysis. If the answer is yes, Qrvey has the tools to make it happen for both connecting to existing data and collecting and analyzing new data in realtime.