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The Best Way to Present Data? Visually.​

So you’ve collected massive amounts of data and feedback, now what? Many people find presenting data and illustrating their findings a daunting task, but there is good news: data presentation doesn’t have to be that hard.

83% of learning happens visually. So it is important that you present your data and results in a visual manner. Use graphs, pie-charts, even good ol’ clip art. In doing so, your presentation leaves more of an impression on your audience. If you’re at a total loss as to how you can represent a number visually—and I mean if nothing else works, just manipulate the font and color to be bold and stand out. See what we did right here?!

Don’t be afraid to try new things. There are two good reasons you should always be willing to experiment.

Be More Memorable

Meetings can happen too often. Why not add something for people to see? Sometimes your audience might drift off into daydreaming; it happens to the best of us! Or your microphone stops working and people don’t hear what you say. It could also be that everything is working and everyone is paying attention, but why not add that extra oomph of visual learning to the mix?!

Be More Accessible

Visual presentation of data have a multipurpose usages and a longer shelf life. Visuals can be forwarded in an email, shared on LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social media you use. How often do you hear people record your sound and pass it along to their colleagues? Not that often. But what they often do, is forward emails, pass along pictures they took of the screen or actual hard copies of documents to friends.

Here's a selection of easy and not-so-easy ways to present your data visually. We’re borrowing most of them either from the Analysis page of Qrvey’s free surveys, and from InfographiQ—a young infographic company whose design sensibilities we trust.

Example 1: What we like... Easy-to-read, clear without any distractions. Sometimes your work environment doesn’t accommodate flashy styles. It’s okay. You can still present data visually and do better than a long sentence.


Example 2: What we like... Clean design, easy to even do it yourself. All you need is a bar graph, vivid colors, different funky fonts and symbols to determine the industries.


Example 3: What we like... Timeline with clear dates, nice visuals, a flow that leads you to the most important points in the bottom half.


So the next time you’re about to present data by just typing up a bulleted list of words, think about how much more memorable that information would be if you were to make it more visual and engaging.