The Qrvey Logo

What's in a logo? If you're talking about Qrvey's logo, a lot more than initially meets the eye. Our logo was thoughtfully designed to tell the story of Qrvey.

The first thing you'll notice about the Qrvey logo is that it resembles the face of a clock. This is due to the fact that our platform is always working for you and your company around the clock. The 60 small dots represent the quickness of our platform. Whether it's responding to a web form, updating existing data in the background or performing important data-driven actions, Qrvey is quick in everything it does, and that’s what the whole Q represents.

The Qrvey logo is actually comprised of three elements, which harken back to the three key aspects of our platform; Collect, Analyze and Automate.The gray dots represent collecting data from both humans and machines.

The orange dots symbolize automation, the parts of the data that are actionable and helps keep your operation running smoothly. Finally, there's the tail of the Q, which resembles the trend line of a chart and signifies the data analysis side of the Qrvey platform.

All three of these elements seamlessly combine into the all-in-one, self-service platform that is Qrvey.